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Import / Exports

Our team conducts market research through data collection and analysis, we go further to look at the existing gaps, enhancing market knowledge and informing concept development.
We have Forex hedging components that protect you from global shocks. 

it consulting


We work with over 100 programmers and testers ready to deliver products based on your needs. 

We have programmers ready to work on all timezones i.e Newyork, San franscisco , South Africa ( Capetown ), India. 

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Retail Consulting

Our team aggressively makes sure we deliver on key projects mandates and of course within set timelines, on budget and to expected quality.

We are in the long game business of delivering investment grade products that can be shopped anywhere within the global financial markets. 

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Real Estate

Our team provides independent, accurate, reliable and timely valuations and advice critical to the success of every property transaction.
Aided by market-leading research and actual transaction, the valuation team is able to provide a wide range of valuation services including markets valuations, insurance valuations, court valuations, corporate and portfolio valuations, mortgage valuations, and other financial and development analysis for various types of property such as office, retail, residential, industrial, hotel and special use properties, and land.
Our clients can thus make reasoned and sound property decisions.

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We want to be your preferred project development and management firm, providing the most innovative and creative services on a consistent basis, to drive meaningful value to our clients.